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Dragnov Psi-Commando
Dark Atlantians Psi commandos are the byproduct of Kalindra was told by Dr. Cordi Redeel that that Dragnov itself was an Atlanitian/Lemurian colony after her discovery of various DNA markers found normally in Altantians were found in many of the children used in General Faraj's experiments and those born normally though the generations which yielded various results.  

With the good doctor's efforts and Dragnov's current research on engineering the human/atlantian genome awoken the results of creating the first generations of mass produced meta-human soldiers in a month.

The first being the Commando Forces who currently serve in Dragnov's military and later the psionic hybrids soldiers created in the form of women would later be used as members of Kalindra Military Police force. While in public they look like normal humans however when angered their skin shifts into blue like their Dark Atlantian Amazons cousins who currently serve as members of Dragnov's new Royal guards.  

Within a month these mass produced soldiers would become Kalindra eyes and ears in both Dragnov Law Enforcement and Security Services ensuring the people had happy live under her continued rule.  

However there are certain moments were it necessary for a few of them to go overseas as Royal Security Service who will either serve as Kalindra's Honor guard for the public eye and when needed serve as the Dragnov Queen's silent fist as assassins seeking out those who either question her rule and escaped or those she condenser enemies that need to be silenced for the good of their Queen.  

Created by :icon Kmon13: for Dragnov Republic's use and will be seen serving the military police departments of Dragnov keeping law and order, In Dragnov's embassy in New York near the UN, :iconjgalley0:'s Perl City, in :iconangel-fallsda: assisting as private security for Wrath consolidated, or anywhere their Queen Kalindra D'kahn and Kevin Wrath goes as Emissaries of peace when serving in their name or assassins.

Kalindra D'Kahn is owned by :iconknight3000:
Dark Atlantian Psi-Commando (Variant Form )
Dark Atlantians Psi commandos are the byproduct of Kalindra was told by Dr. Cordi Redeel that that Dragnov itself was an Atlanitian/Lemurian colony after her discovery of various DNA markers found normally in Altantians were found in many of the children used in General Faraj's experiments and those born normally though the generations which yielded various results.  

With the good doctor's efforts and Dragnov's current research on engineering the human/atlantian genome awoken the results of creating the first generations of mass produced meta-human soldiers in a month.

The first being the Commando Forces who currently serve in Dragnov's military and later the psionic hybrids soldiers created in the form of women would later be used as members of Kalindra Military Police force. While in public they look like normal humans however when angered their skin shifts into blue like their Dark Atlantian Amazons cousins who currently serve as members of Dragnov's new Royal guards.   

Within a month these mass produced soldiers would become Kalindra eyes and ears in both Dragnov Law Enforcement and Security Services ensuring the people had happy live under her continued rule.  

However there are certain moments were it necessary for a few of them to go overseas as Royal Security Service who will either serve as Kalindra's Honor guard for the public eye and when needed serve as the Dragnov Queen's silent fist as assassins seeking out those who either question her rule and escaped or those she condenser enemies that need to be silenced for the good of their Queen.  

Created by :icon Kmon13: for Dragnov Republic's use and will be seen serving the military police departments of Dragnov keeping law and order, In Dragnov's embassy in New York near the UN, :iconjgalley0:'s Perl City, in :iconangel-fallsda: assisting as private security for Wrath consolidated, or anywhere their Queen Kalindra D'kahn and Kevin Wrath goes as Emissaries of peace when serving in their name or assassins. 

Kalindra D'Kahn is owned by :iconknight3000:

Kevin Wrath owned by :iconkmon13:


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Indigo and Jayson taking Erica to the mall by Kmon13

The Veri Collective Planet Fall part 5  
Meeting the Young Guardians and a new houseguest ... 

Warning: Sexual depictions will be mentioned ....

Jayson and Indigo's Cabin Cottage
Subbasement Lab 2

After yesterday's Incidents Jayson had secluded himself in his lab and was hard at work examining the samples of skin and blood that he collected from Erica Richter when he assisted Paulina 'Polygirl' Wilson in the removal of the tracking device they removed from her body and started to work on a human variant of the antiserum that was used to counteract the addictive qualities of the Vo'Hai queen's Royal Jelly in other races before Erica started showing severe signs of the Hive Separation Withdraw.

While those within the Veri Naval forces would let her die Jayson wasn't one who went by the status quo and being that he seen first hand the stages of Queen's Royal Jelly withdraws from past encounters with races who have made contact with Vo'Hai Remnants forces didn't want the humans to unprepared for dealing with it and chose to ensure his new allies in the guardians would be prepared if they encountered others who undergone their indoctrination.  

As he was examining the antiserum variant's response to Erica's DNA data his Armor's AI informed him of an incoming arrival of a familiar energy signature...

You Highness: Known Bio Energy Signatures crossing outer perimeter zone detected... scanning bio signatures....  bio Signatures ID confirmed.... Emily D'Kahn Geist Guardian Designation : Ms. Blitzen and  Sarah Greywolf Guardian Designation SilverStar ... shall I inform Lady Sullivan of their arrival. The Ai asked 

"No need S'uiri, she's probably already knows since she currently relaxing the outdoor Jacuzzi she just finished building earlier this morning if anything she'll alert me later." he said while placing the specimens he collected in cold storage before shifting into a pair of jeans and a black shirt before heading going upstairs to meet with them ....

Cabin Cottage, Outside
Patio Deck

On the patio deck Indigo was currently enjoying a relaxing soak in the Jacuzzi trying to forget how Kevin showed up yesterday demanding to take her home, she also remembered how far Jayson was willing to go to protect her when his AI shared the information with hers before she found him in the junkyard and passed out.

She felt guilty about using him like that after finding out about the Novastar team and the charges of treason. She swore she'd get to know him better by dating him first. She also new she's have to deal with going back to New York to deal with her stepfather and now Kevin who when she first met him was Military school cadet that was short but now not only he was taller and muscular but also was now leading a criminal empire as the supernatural version of the Moriarty. If data files she read from both Jayson and Ian told her anything that banishment won't last long and that he would find a way to return very soon.

She also knew if she went back to New York to confront her demons now it would be open season on her.

But those thoughts ended quickly when she noticed the arrival of Emily Kendra and Sarah landing in front of her 
Hey Em, Sarah what brings you here today?

"It Paulina, she's been trying to reach Jayson but couldn't get him on his com." Emily explained. "But don't worry Phyrefrost already told her what happened yesterday with Regent's ambush so Phyrefrost asked her to moved her to Guardian's Hall to better monitor her and was sent to check on you two."

"That's very nice of you but lets take this to the patio chairs." She said pointing over to the Patio set as she got out of the bath nude as a white leather corset and pants and boots appeared on her body as soon as she was completely out of the Jacuzzi after absorbing the water into her body.

"Wow you didn't even use a towel how did you do that?" Sarah said still shocked as she sat don in one of the patio chairs    

"I guess it's one of the many perks of having these nanites inside my body not only can they create my clothing, but I don't have to worry about buying stuff for cosplay anymore." she said before shifting into Cutie Honey complete with floret saber, to a Female version of the Psycho Red Ranger, and before turning into an exact copy of Emily's costume with a black and gold color scheme.

"Hey! would you mind changing back into your form seeing that reminds me of a past incident I don't want like to remember about." Emily said before Indigo shifted back into her original clothing.

"Sorry something tells me that suit brought back a very bad memory?" Indigo asked while Emily looked depressed before Sarah asked.

"Yeah a Mind bending bitch by the name of Catherine Gale aka The Voyevoda decided to turn her into a weapon for the Fourth Reich to take out Soviet Superwoman not to mention someone cloned her too?" Sarah informed her looking at her. "By the way does the circle have anyone else we should worry about 

"Just a few but one who comes to mind is Hanz Togo a guy who lost his legs and parents in a car accident only to be volunteered by the state for a new experimental procedure to restore them.

"Something tells me it did more than heal his legs didn't it?" Emily asked

"Yeah he after discovered he was able to create clones when one adopted parents cut off his finger and created a copy of a game character to kill them before running away only to be later found by a small time drug dealer who wanted to become the next Kingpin using him to make him an army at first it was the polices problem but when they started mass producing version of super heroes Overwatch caught him and was going to ship him to Noir's Gate Maximum Security only for him to escape custody on route." Indigo explained surprising the Emily and Sarah who asked.

"Wait how did that happen did he create clones of the police officers or did something else happen?" Sarah asked wondering how a kid life could get so fucked up so bad before Indigo answered... 

"No the news reported him being rescued by mercenaries on route led by a young sociopath named The White Princess, just picture a teenage Ukraine girl who was sold into slavery only to reach the age of 15 finding out you had Supergirl's like powers, Deathstroke's ruthless mind, and Emma Frost fashion sense if the interview she gave a podcast reporter or what was featured in that fight between her and Patriot star in Miami was any indication." she said before showing them a teen girl who wore a white leather corset and leather pants matching blow for blow with a Cuban girl wearing blue Leotard costume.

"Wait we never heard of Patriot Star." 

"That because she tried to keep a low profile in Miami before strong armed her into joining which she revealed in her Podcast interview when she quit overwatch. She gave citizens of Miami hope as Little Havana's first superhero." She explained as she showed a holographic image of the Cuban superheroine dressed like light blue version of the powergirl leotard wearing leather pants while holding drug dealers off the ground with a stop sign she used to wrap around them.

"So how the hell did she get into the state's looking like that?" Emily asked surprised they would let someone like her escape. 

"According to the interview she gave she flew here abilities developed at the age of 16 and when Cuban military found out they wanted to force her into military service and later joined U.N. Overwatch as a government sponsored agent only for a short time before she left."

"What happen to make her leave this organization?" Sarah asked eating  

"She found out the someone was talking about trading her back to Cuban government for someone for reason unknown and went off the grid doing the nomadic hero thing heck she could be heading here for all we know." Indigo said before asking "But not to get off subject would you mind telling me why Paulina been asking for Jayson? 

"It about Erica Richter, it seems her condition she seemed to have changed last night." Emily Explained before making a note to inform Maddie about this Cuban metahuman along with U.N. Overwatch Organization to see what she knew being formerly of F.L.A.G. and remembering a blond who visited once in awhile  "She needed his incite on alien tech and medical procedures along with access to his technology since he may know what's was affecting her body more than she did." 

"Then I will make the necessary preparations to see her at once." Jayson said carrying a tray of food in his hands "Greetings Emily and Sarah nice to see you both again." he said bringing what looked like Club sandwiches and Ice tea to the table.  

"Likewise Jay and thanks for the food" Emily said taking a glass of ice tea taking a bite out out of her club sandwich."Wow this is really good."

"I hope so Emily and Indigo recently helped me programe more human delicacies into the replicator." Jayson explained before Emily asked

"So how long do you need to get what you need pack up to go."

"Not long I already prepared a suitcase in advance as a precaution in case the condition became advanced." Jayson answered before he inquired. "By the way how far did regress in age 18, 12 ?" he said knowing the age regression was random.

"Oh that's the thing she's still in her twenties but the strangest thing is that her attitude did a 180 from the way she acted when she was brought in." Sarah said as she was sipping her ice tea. " She even has a British accent now, so both Paulina and Phryefrost need your help in finding out if it's an act before releasing her to your custody since you know more about her condition."       
"I meet with Paulina and find out what happened to her since the deterioration of condition should have kicked in after midnight, while I'm gone Indigo could show you the new combat simulator I just finished updating using the data form your past combats on earth along with last night's encounter." he said as he was getting up only to be pushed down by Indigo.  

"The Hell we are Jayson I know you haven't eaten anything while you were in that lab!" His lover said said grabbing a sandwich and putting it in his hand "Now you're going to sit down and eat something before we leave and don't you tell me how you ate one of those nutrition bars that taste like sand paper." She said with sitting him down and sitting on his lap while saying. "There not you can't leave that chair until you at least four of those things."

"Okay why are you so concerned about me like this Indigo." He asked before she put another sandwich in his mouth.
"Yeah Indy you seem you were sticking to him like glue last night girl you have him like that already?"

"You would too if Dawn was giving your hubby those bedroom eyes the way she was giving Jayson last night Em." Indigo said remembering those moments she fell on him with his face in her chest acting clumsy before Emily pulled her aside and made her apologize.  

"Indigo you do know after Dawn and me had our little talk she went home with Ian last night right?"

"Wait you mean?"

"Yeah I wouldn't be surprised if they were both still in bed going at it right now." Emily said with a smirk. before looking Jayson's way "So what's that about a combat simulator?"

"I figured since I was going to be on your world as a guardian I'd learn everything I needed to know about enemies and allies." he said before asking "By the way where is Colleen I promised her I'd make a replicator for her use?" 
"She's currently watching over Erica with another friend of mine who is sitting in on a young guardians training course so don't worry, now start eating we don't want you passing out like you did last night."  Emily Kendra told him as Indigo handed him another sandwich while saying  

"Jayson honey you're outnumbered now eat up and I'll show you a wonderful place you're going to love." she said making sure he took a few bites before he said.

"Okay i'll do it for you plus I really want to try out a few more foods types like this and that stuff at the Viewing theater showing the tale about the Man of Iron." Jayson asked looking disappointed recalling the memories from Indigo's viewing of it.  

"Don't worry Jayson you'll get your chance to see more movies like that I promise in fact Maddie and Indy came up with an idea last night that we guarantee you'll really like it!" Em assured him knowing the movie night idea would help the young alien understand earth culture better.    


Angel Falls, Guardians Hall 
An Hour later 

In Guardians Hall as Bluetide and Coil were overseeing the training of the young guardians Madyine 'Maddie' Malone and Aria Kahner who was on the sidelines talking with Erica who now was no longer in Strangers industries holding cell wearing a orange jumpsuit. She now wore a pair of black sweatpants and T-shirt with golden logo of the Guardians.   

"So let me see if I understand correctly you have no memory of anything you've done before you woke up in the holding cell, yet you remember living in a village in a village."    

" Yes Madam Malone my memories are fragmented but I still remember happily living in my village with my family until the night the red stars fell from the skies and hit the forest in the the outer area of our village I also remember the sickness that spread two moons afterward that was in the water and the Holy women who had grey skin and orange eyes that offered to heal those who were sick and bless the waters in exchange for the children of the fallen like myself." Erica said with a timid victorian accent  

Maddie nodded as she got the gist of what she heard and summarized it in her head how the aliens landed outside the girl's village, probably infected their water supply knowing it would kill them before appearing to them as saviors offering a cure that only cost them a couple of live,.' she thought to herself before asking "Did this only happen in your village?"    

"No before it also happened we heard rumors from travelers that escaped that this plague appeared in other villages and since we had faith in divine spiritual power so they never hesitated to have me and the young children from my village  were taken to a cave that had a strange structure and placed in a room where other children who I never seen before some of them spoke in a tongue that was not of our own, I don't know how long we remained in that room but I do remember the light that flashed in the room that kept us in place as a strange blue liquid that not only tasted sweet but filled the room still allowed us to breath before another pink liquid was introduced that made me pass out." The Former Major answered as Pyrefrost and Aria listened on.

"I'm not sure how to describe it but when the liquid drained out of the rooms our our bodies charged most of the children in the room with us shown no signs of change while others became unrecognizable creatures and attacked the others while some of us tried using reason others fought for survival myself included..." it was then Erica stopped herself before she realized something "Oh god I can still remember the pleasure it took in how I killed them what did those orange eyed women do to me?" she said not noticing the power she was generating in her hands. "my home my family what am I and what purpose do I have now this phantom memories of places and world that is not my own. Madam Phyrefrost perhaps it would be safer if I return to Strangers Industries the memories are telling me I did things I shouldn't be allowed to run free for." she said looking scared for her being trapped in her own skin. 

Phyrefrost noticed and walked over to the confused girl and about to calm her down until Aria hugged her from behind as she gently calmed her down with her words 
"It alright now you're safe the bad people who used you no longer have a hold on you." Aria said holding her gently knowing what she was going though being the daughter of the Dreadlord "You're free now and will have a fresh start as your own person. Me and the guardians will help you understand this world and your gifts as your new family."

"She right as a young guardian we'll help you learn how to use your powers and adapt to this era properly." 

"Thank you Dame Kraner I'm not sure I should accept such kindness for my grave sins." Erica said with tears still in her eyes. "I also still feel I owe reparations to those I harmed under the Vo'hai's influence if it will help me on my path to redemption."

"That's good to hear perhaps you can start with those to over there." Pointing to the pair that had came into the room with Lady Emily and Dame Sarah a young woman and a cute guy she had flashback about fighting in the skies against a flying knight and metal golem. the flashbacks ended. 
"Hey Maddie I brought Jayson and Indy here like you asked." Emily said as she and Sarah said entering the room with Jayson who was looking around the training area while Indigo looked right at Erica waiting for her to make a wrong move.

"Hello Jayson, I'm glad that you and Indigo finally answered us may I introduce you to Aria Karner she our guidance counselor I believe you both already know Erica." Maddie said as she introduced them to the young guardians guidance counselor and their new guest only for Indigo to said.

"We've already met Ms. Malone and the meeting between us and her goons were less than pleasant." Indigo said with caution ready for anything before Jayson said sent a message into her head. 

<Indigo stand down her she's no longer a threat scan her bio signature have your second brain perform a scan if you want proof > he advised her only for her newly named second brain to give her the same scan he did with a past bio scan along with the current that told her. <Vo'Hai hybrid Hivemind bio-signature in subject no longer detected.>     

"Shit my armors scanners telling me the same as Jayson's that girl bio scan's are telling me no longer a hybrid but she still coming up metahuman?"

"Wait you just had to see her to scan her?" Emily asked as Jayson nodded. "Then why did you pack that bag for?" 

"The bag was for collecting and analyzing the samples I'd collect from her to examine on sight and parts for the replicator I'd build however it seems now that she's just a human again except her physiology is that of one who undergone the enhancement process of our race during it's civil war period." Jayson explained before asking. "Would you mind if I take a few hair samples to perform some test to see what occurred I was really looking forward to undertaking to challenge of finding the antidote?" he pouted not noticing the mixed reactions of Phyrefrost, Em and the other guardians in the room gave him.

When the young guardians being trained by Coil and Bluetide stopped training it was only when Erica started to hide behind Aria and Maddie that the young Veri prince noticed and looked confused before he was about to explain things again.

It was then Indigo put a hand on his shoulder and said "Honey I know you wanted to ensure earth safety from future use of that Royal Jelly stuff you told me about last night but I think you should let me explain it to them you're making the everyone nervous including the person in question who currently hiding behind my future instructors."

"Okay are you sure I had holographic image information?" he said before Sliverstar said.

"Um Jayson I think you should let Indy explain things in a non scientific terms that doesn't make you sound like Washu Hakubi after she met Tenchi for the first time." Sarah said using the anime they watched last night as an explanation making Jayson pale.   
"Oh sorry I didn't mean to frighten her I'm still getting using the human language and getting the behavior patterns correctly without being confusing." he said still looking confused and unsure. "I guess it still needs work huh?"

"Don't worry about it Jayson we'll help you work on it." Emily said before patting him on the back. "As you were saying Indy" 

"Oh yeah, You see what Jayson meant to say is that she's no longer under the influence of Vo'Hai Royal jelly." Indigo said as she was walking over to Erica. "You see Jayson has seen first hand what the stuff does to other races especially those who who think going cold turkey is the answer and has been in his lab since early this morning finding an antidote for future use in case their are more like her around.

Hearing this the others nodded in understanding before Aria lightened the mood by making a suggestion. "Indigo why don't you and Erica join Bluetide and Coil in the training exercises with the young guardians while Jayson and the others talk.

"Sure why not since I'll be joining the young guardians anyway." She said before going over to join the others before offering a hand to Erica as she said. "Don't worry about Jayson he's just acts little different than anyone you're use to Major." 

Erica just looked at Indigo strange before saying "Major... Wait I thought my name was Erica at least it's what I remember?" She said looking confused before Aria cleared it up.

"Indigo she she doesn't remember too much about your encounter with her. When Paulina called me and Em to back her up when she checked on her she backed herself into corner in fear of us and it took one of my Chocolate Glazed Bismarck's to get her to trust me." she said looking over to Erica who was standing beside her looking at Indigo with uncertainty.
"I see I'm sorry for doing that and don't worry Ms. Aria I think I could arrange for you to get more later." Indigo said with a smile before looking over to the young guardians asking "Mind introducing me to the others?"    
"Sure, young guardians front and center!" Maddie said before watching the young guardians gathering around them."Okay young guardians I'd like to introduce to both to two new members to our roster Indigo Sullivan and Erica Richter please treat them with the same respect as you would like to be treated and show I'll allow you guys to get a chance to know each other today and get our two young friends familiarized with the training regimen." Maddie told her students.

"Hey Instructor who's the short Kid in the armor." Justin Storm asked before and could see a frown on Indigo's face who looked like she wanted to tell him off only for Maddie to introduce him.

"Actually Justin this is Jayson Lucs of the Veri Collective's Royal Naval Corps and despite his size he went toe to toe with Regent, of 9th Circle, a known supernatual threat from New York single handed." Maddie told them before

"Wow the short guy's got power and game "Justin said before patting Jayson on the back. "But so who is this Regent guy and what this 9th Circle anyway?" 
"Oh they've been around since the Protector days but unlike the various foes they've faced they've stayed clear from Angel Falls due to unknown reasons however from what Doc Valiant told me they're like a Supernatural version of the Mafia but that only half the story think of them as along the lines of S.P.E.C.T.E.R. only worse. They have connections to Criminal cartels, Terrorist cells, and Military Despots on one side of the fence while having fingers in the pies of various legal businesses, political leaders, charitable organizations and law enforcement on the other." Wild Rose explained to the group.

"Why haven't we heard of these guys yet? " Testament asked 

"Because the 9th Circle's leadership has always marked Angel Falls as too high a risk to setup shop due to the various superheros in the and it was declared it off limits due to their strict code of conduct called the code of iron which is strictly enforced by a being in Armor known only as the Regent. However due to recent information obtained from an anonymous source we found out that Regent is not a single being like those in the OSS suspected in the second world war. It's a title of leadership that is inherited from father to son we and the current holder of the mantle believe that the criminals of Angel Falls time of being off limits to the organization need to be brought under it's influence."    

"Like he like some kind of dark lord of the sith something... ?" Stupendous asked"

"Yeah I know only this guy is from an evil legacy and has the powers of a demon plus its makes thing worse that he has a thing for me because of my kindness to him in the past." Indigo said with a little sorrow in his voice. "The the strangest thing is that he was younger and scrawny when I last saw him how did he get so buff and strong like that." She said before Aria answered.

"It may be because he spent time in hell which I heard could feel like a lifetime to him since time doesn't exist and if this Regent is Half demon be prepared to deal with him gaining an aspect from that realm ranging from the seven sins meaning he's not going to be the same person you knew. He'll have mood swings, obsessive behavior ranging from one or many of the seven deadly sins ranging with lust and Envy being a good example however if it's Wrath he may gain the ability to grow stronger with rage." Aria explained to Indigo feeling sorry for her after what Emily told her about Regent " You should know that whatever humanity was left of your friend is now just a faded memory of what's was burned out of him having to survive in one of the many dark realms humans perceive to be hell." Aria said as she was thinking about her father.   
"Well we don't have to worry about him now but don't worry if this regent joker even shows his face around you in Angel Falls again and I'm hanging around you I'll just use him and his goons as target practice and if Connie find em there won't even be a enough to fit into a matchbox." Republicat said with a smirk while making a note to tell Connie about this so called regent of crime. "Now I heard from Stretch over there you and the short guy have some sort of ability to create things using nanotechnology."

"Yeah that right." Indigo answered republicat before asking "Why did you ask?""

"I was wondering could you make me a Hovercycle with some special specs in mind?" The Catgirl asked Indigo in her sweet voice.

"Actually could I get back to you about that I still learning how to do that and restoring a convertible with hover functions last night was just on impulse and it make the user of the nanogel very hungry afterward later."

"She tell the truth guys because last night she personally polished off a two trays worth of brownies and four deep dish pizzas to herself last night." Em teased the young armored amazon who looked at her annoyed before saying "Hey I'm only teasing you Indy but for the record it doesn't show at all."      

"I know but a girl still keep in mind about her figure." Indigo said with a blush.

Testament asked "So is there any chance we'll be able to see some of the Veri's weaponry like the suits I hear you and Indigo wearing or those food replicators that Coil talked about ." Testament asked  

"I don't see any problem with the food replicators however for anything else I'd have to okay it the one you know as Paulina Willson since she asked to see my lab however if you're asking to be part of the tour I have no problem with that especially if you're an ally." Jayson explained "Just as long as Lady Phyrefrost okays the idea."

"I see no problem with that as long as the weapons firing is in a safe location away from city limits I could even introduce you to another friend who may want to learn more about your race and its technology." Maddie informed Jayson. 

"Then I'll limit the demonstrations to something minimal like our holographic combat simulators perhaps?" Jayson asked hoping it would be a contribution to the Young guardians training methods.

"Shit did you hear that guys we'll may end up getting our own Danger room!" Justin said thinking of the cool things that could be generated before asking. "Could it also created peaceful simulations like video games?"

"I not sure but if so it will be fully interactive with the person playing why do you ask?" Jayson answered wondering where this was going before Phyreforst reminded him why he was here.

"Hey Jayson we still need to give you both the tour around the building so you and Indy can familiarize yourself with the Guardians Hall if you somehow have to stay overnight plus we can talk about the arrangements needed for Erica when to go home with two." Phryeforst advised him.

"Of course Lady Phyrefrost Lead the way."

"Jayson please I've already given you permission to call me Maddie."

"Yeah Kid we know you have a military back ground but even Marines lighten up off duty."

"My apologies I'll work on improving that." he said with a frown "But it will take time."  

"Don't worry from what you've told us you've got lots of it before you give your first report." Maddie reminded him "Now follow us and we'll give you the tour of the Hall." 


Maddie's Office

After four hours of showing Jayson and Indigo around Guardian's Hall Maddie had Em escort Indigo back to get better acquainted with the young guardians who may have not meet her yet while she and Jayson had a chat alone. 

"Well Jayson how did you like the tour of Guardian Hall?" Maddie asked him

"The security measures that Stranger's industries placed within building structure are advanced for humans, but it still have numerous flaws that are very vulnerable to otherworldly hacking measures perhaps I may have to invite Paulina to my lab sooner than later to come up with some extra countermeasures to apply to the Guardian Hall's security measures as soon as possible." The Veri Novastar answered. "I could name four races who have hackers that would have considered the security measures lacking... no offence  

"None taken Jayson and I think Paulina is waiting for that invite and the opportunity to learn new technologies so please don't hesitate to make that arrangement. now the only thing I need to consider now is who I should partner you up with next week besides Emily Kedra here since she going to help Indigo get you acquainted with Angel Falls and drop by to check on Erica as she get familiarized with her new life." The Senior member of the guardians said still going through the list of possible candidates in her mind.       

"We'll I guess you could partner me with who you seem to think would be best Maddie however in the future I like to meet someone with abilities Similar to Regents that can help in ways of countering his void manipulation or as you call it magic." the young Veri said with wounded pride. 

"I think Emily and me could talk to someone about that." 

"Yeah my husband Matthias would be happy to help you out with that plus there Hailey who's awesome in that department, you've already met with Ian who could provide some pointers too." Emily said before keeping a few other Magic users in mind. 
"Thank you Emily I'd be honored to consult with them on this matter now as to the matter on who I'll be assigned to patrol with next week who did you have in mind?"

"Well Colleen and Sarah volunteered to take him on his first patrol but the others want him work with someone outside the Dynamic Five first." 

"So who was recommended?" Jayson asked

"I could only think of three who would have the patients with his limited understanding of other races but I think I have a few good ideas of how I could ask," She said not knowing that a certain redhead currently at Angel Fall University sneezed as she was walking to her next course before she said "But in the meantime I would like you, Emily, Aria, and Indigo to help Erica get familiarized with living in the this era due to her current state in the meantime. In fact Emily here figured you four should take her shopping for clothing and other items she'll need.."

"Of course Lady Phyrefrost anything else?" He asked wanting to make sure not to miss anything else.

'Nothing at the moment Jayson but last night after you faced Regent you past out from the battle due to not eating properly to adapt to earth environment how long will it take?"

"A couple of days 5 or 6 at most but due to Emily and Indigo It might me cut shorter is there anything else I should know." 

Back at Jayson and Indigo Lodge...
Later on that evening ...

Jayson now learned something new about humans today that he would make note to inform the male members of the senate that were similar to his culture before the collective created the polymorph enhancement suits and armor that became commonplace after the Patriarch wars....

Giving humans who love being in top fashion knowledge of null space storage technology is a very bad idea because at this moment his pockets were filled with bags of lingerie, thongs and various other undergarments in storage space used to store weapons since Indigo told Emily when the words pace themselves only for said words to have him limit the use of storage gear tech they since Em and Indigo dragged Erica, Aria and himself to every clothing and lingerie store they could find.

He even offered to give her a Polymorph armor in hopes that it would stop the shopping spree that Indigo was planning for her but Erica declined out of favor of Ms. Blitzen saying she'd help keep the spending to a minimum.
However at this moment he wanted to lock himself in his lab since Indigo was walking out of the store of secrets with a grin that matched Emily's as the both giggled when they looked at him which gave his AI the chance to pick on him singing that doom song from some human television show called Invader Zim he scanned from Indigo's memories when Indigo came back with a literary guide called the Kama Sutra from the mature section of a bookstore.

When he looked online for information he could only wonder how humans or any being could bend like that? 

But he would ponder on that later since right now he wanted to use the time Indigo and the female members of the young guardians were upstairs to continue his search in solitude inquiring anything he could find on this Victor Isaacs person who was the second bondmate of indigo's mother and wanted to find anything that could be used by Legal council that Phyrefrost would provide for Indigo's legal case and what he found on this so-called stepfather his own was quite puzzling.

Everything about this man's life seemed to be manufactured before he took his job at Sullivan Financial as a public relations consultant as each of his credentials and personal references came from subsidiary companies that were connected to a company known as Gynodyme Pharmaceuticals which was already under investigation for various unethical practices that would have shut down by either the United States Government for thier involvement with Earth based version of the Special Task Group known as UN Overwatch for thier use in used stolen weapons technology that resulted in the death of a Super Heroine or Morgantech Industries lawyers wanting due to it being their weapons that were stolen and used in her murder which would bankrupt them on the scandal alone.

While doing further investigation the aftermath Jayson found out most of the Heroes and questionable empowered operatives who left the disbanded organization either joined Morgantech as private security consultants like Patriot Star, formed superhero teams, while others chose to return to thier usual professions since most of them had criminal records which he made note to archive for the guardian's use since he figured it wouldn't take very long to cross paths with them since some of them crossed paths with 9th circle and other groups.

Before he could go further into the matter someone his suit's AI S'uiri informed him of Erica being in the hallway and decided to lock his files and before putting an anime on his monitors to a cooking show and opened the door to let her in. He also noticed she was wearing a red lace robe and black teddy underneath and did his best to ignore it and focus on the food she was carrying in with her. 

"Erica you should be upstairs enjoying the slumber party is there something wrong?"

"Oh no nothings wrong it's just that Indigo and Ms Bli... I mean Emily both asked me to make sure you had some of the pizza and salad they replicated for the party." she answered as she placed the platter on the examination table and took the chance to look around the lab before saying "You know Jayson this equipment is amazing to look at but I think you need to take better care of yourself and eat properly.

"I aware of that but I've been working on a few projects that needed my close attention." 

"I figured as much but here's a thought you may consider asking Indigo to assist you in the lab." She advised him while looking around. 

"I did this morning during training but she told me he wasn't interested plus I have the Hardlight holographic system in the lab to use if they're needed but I don't use it much since I'm a hands on person." he said still feeling uneasy about telling Erica this only for her to frown as she walked past him and looked the screen before saying...

 "That may work on someone who doesn't show interest in what you do, but we both know you don't use them at all do you?" Erica questioned? "In fact I'd say you'd jump at the chance of hiring a lab assistant if the opportunity presented itself.   

"Okay you've caught me I don't" Jayson said as he started eating a slice while asking "Erica since Indigo declined would you like to be my personal lab assistant?" Jayson asked.

"We'll since you're letting me stay here I'd be happy too." 

"Then I'll meet you back here in the morning bright and early I'll have a few minor projects we'll go over to get you into the speed of thing and then we'll set you up with you own lab later if you meet my expectations." he said whlle still looking at files before noticing she was still there. "Okay Erica why are you still down here?"

"Sorry not leaving yet because I was told by Ms. Blitzen and Indigo I quote ' If you bring food down to Jayson to make sure he eats something and don't leave the lab until he finishes everything on that plate.' were their exact words and I intend to see you eat every bite." Erica told him with resolved look on her face.

"Fine I guess my past actions against Regent would warrant such observation wouldn't it?" Jayson said scratching the back of his head nervously before eating a slice of Pizza before noticing her watching to ask "Now that I think of it how would you like to share some this with me?" he offered only to see her shake her head saying.

"Nice try but I've eaten plenty already upstairs, now stop stalling I came down here to make sure you eat properly Jayson so eat some more you need to adapt your metabolism to earth's atmosphere since I heard you need it." Erica told him before sitting on his examination table watching him eat while ignoring the cold surface. "By the way have you and Indigo been officially taken your vows of bonding yet?"

"By Veri yes but by earth standards no it seems we need to register for it and hold a celebration for the ceremony afterward if I heard the costumes correctly." he said while eating his meal never seeing the smirk on Erica's face before she said.

"So that means you're still fair gain in the eyes of this planet and since I'm going to be your assistant perhaps I could help you with satisfying other needs as well." she said giving him a kiss before hoping off the examination table. "Good night Jayson try not to say up too late with your projects you need your rest for later..." she said with a smirk before walking off with a sway in her hips before reaching the door to see Indigo standing there.

"Hey Erica what was taking you so long I said to drop off the food and then come back upstairs I've been waiting to go in there for a while?"

"Well I know you told me that ma'am but I figured instead of dropping off Jayson's food that I would do something to earn my keep here as a way of thanks. Plus I took the liberty of asking him if I could help out in the lab and he accepted it since he said you told him that you weren't the researching type." Erica answered as Indigo couldn't find any fault in her words.

"Oh.... that does make sense but don't overdo things okay you're still recovering from whatever those Vo'hai bitches did to you and getting their conditioning out of your system." Indigo said before walking in and as soon as she got within earshot "Oh we are sooo going to have a nice long talk about ground rules later!" Indigo whispered to Erica before watching her walk out into the lab. 



Erica went upstairs and was puzzled if she did something wrong before she bumped into Colleen who was showing Aria how to use the replicator to create Bismark and other food for the movie night.  

"Hey Erica what's up with you?" Colleen asked noticing the girl was blushing beet red.

Erica just blushed a deeper color as she said "Um... I think my being down there to long angered Mistress Indigo."

"How so Erica you only went down ?" Aria asked knowing she only went to make sure Jayson ate something.   

"I don't know but she said she wanted to speak to me in long length after meeting with Jayson." she said with worry not wanting to be sent back to the small orange room Strangers industries. "Plus the way of her voice sounded very upset I don''t want to anger her just for asking to be a research assistant."  

Both girls looked at how she was dressed and remembered that Indigo had her put the stuff on first before Aria said. 

"Don't worry about it Erica I'll have a chat with Indigo first since she forgotten it was her idea for you try on those clothing first before going down to take him that food." Aria said before Colleen said

"Yeah I think Indigo it getting territorial about losing Jayson so when she comes upstairs we'll set her straight." Colleen said remembering how he passed up on Dawn's advances and how he was too naive to notice.    

"You really think so?" she asked.

"Yeah now go change into some less sexy like those PJ's you bought so you could help us decide on what movie we're going to watch."  

"Well Ms. Aria... I never watched a movie before?"

"Oh yeah I forgot about that." Aria said forgetting about her origins and experimentation "Well I guess we should deal with rectifying it tonight."     


Later that night after watching 9 hours of various Anime and movies everyone was asleep on the couch after watching Ghost in the Shell OVA on DVD. It was then that Erica woke up and got off the couch before making her way to the lab but not before she stared down at Indigo who was still on the couch with her head on Emily's lap the same person who at one moment helped her pick out her wardrobe one moment and then asked her to bring Jayson food without changing out of her lingerie and get angry about it the next which really annoyed her. Not to mention she ruined her moment with Jayson who was kind enough to give her a job out of petty jealousy.

She could see why indigo was so overprotective but he didn't marry her yet so he was open game and he deserved a proper thank you for his hospitality and was going to personally fix that right now before heading off to bed.

As soon as Erica left the room she never noticed the glowing blue figure appear out of thin air who was watching her before floating near indigo's nose and smirked before she raised her hand ready to slap her master awake.


The Next Morning 

Jayson found himself with a mild headache as he noticed that he was on the cold floor before he noticed that he was being held down by two familiar forms that were now now pressed to his body. 

On the right was Indigo Sullivan his current fiancee who was now wearing a half torn black teddy while Erica was wearing what remained of a Dynamic Five t-shirt both plastered with smile of bliss on their face as the snuggled close. 

<Prodigal tell me what the in the name of the first goddess just happened?> Jayson asked his suit's AI using his thoughts not trying to wake the girls.  

Would you like to hear about first sir the good new or bad news ?


< I believe those on this planet likes to hear the bad new first of course?> Jayson said with annoyance. 

Erica had just accepted becoming your personal assistant in this lab and hugged you ignoring her Vo'hai half's pheromone levels and being dressed to mate however while this was oblivious to you it wasn't to Lady Sullivan and she came into the lab to establish a pecking order from Ai her suit's artificial intelligence system who had just matured properly and made contact with me....

<Get to the point of how I got on the floor and remember nothing of it .>

The pair knocked themselves into your chemicals on one of your work spaces and became airborne with Erica's pheromones resulting in both girls being induced in a lustful sate while it put you into an intoxicated one that resulted in the three of you being in quarantined to prevent the spread from reaching the upper levels since I figured you wouldn't want a troublesome situation.  I even have footage of how as they worked together to strip you of your clothing to mate with you until it burned itself out of your systems. The Lab has already been serialized clean and your nanite have made the necessary precautions to prevent future use of this as a weakness by the way.

<Anything else?>

Aside from Guardian Protector Colleen Delgado aka Coil showing up during your fun decided to take what Em called photographic blackmail to ensure you build her recreational Hottub I would say no. However I just got a message from Maddie who called to remind you that Rebecca would your first partner that will meeting you in the lobby at Guardians Hall for your first day on patrol. She also wanted to let you know  the ladies will attend their first day as members of the Young guaridans next week as well.

<"Sound good now if I could only get up without waking them."> 

Works in theory sir but I would think it would be in your best interest to decontaminate yourself and get the feeling of wanting to mate out of your systems since they've been waiting for you the wake up.     

It was then Jayson found himself looking up at the pair he just finished having sex with him grin that spoke volumes as they were rubbing his arms between their breast giggling. 

"Morning lover want us to help you put down that hard-on for you again." Purred Indigo "I think we could spare a few moments before training." 

"Of course he does Indigo but by his new lab assistant by not by you." Erica said while taking the other. "Sir What the hell was in those containers on your desk Jayson it felt like what ever I was doing was good.... really good."  

"It was a chemical that I extracted from a plant I came across in another galaxy years before I came to earth and before you ask Indigo it does reacts to Erica's pheromones and increased our hidden arousal which resulted in us being on this floor together."He explained before adding with annoyance to his voice "Oh and I think Colleen sneaked down hear after the quarantine was up and took pictures of us sleeping together."

Both girls could only blush before turning to look at each other giving an non verbal agreement before tackling him back on the ground.

It was then that Jayson knew that today was going to be in for a very long day. 


A/N: Giving credit where it's due. 

Stranger Industries and Paulina "Polygirl: Wilson (Mentioned) belongs to :iconlonestranger:

Ms. Blitzen, Phyrefrost, SilverStar, Bluetide, and Coil belong to :iconknight3000: 
Jayson Lucs, Indigo Sullivan, Erica Richter belongs to :iconkmon13: 

Aria Kahner belongs to :iconxeranad:

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Wild Rose belongs to :iconsxgodzilla: 

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Stupendous belong to :icondiseased-crab:
The Veri Collective Planet Fall part 5
Jayson gets a new House guest in the form of and Indigo doesn't like it... 

...Or how said guest plans would like to repaying said hospitality to one of her host.  
Kyudai and her Black Talon Kunochi
Figured like :iconscottyfreefall: I'd try my hand at making some alternate costumes for some of my characters (( and a few for some friend who haven't found it yet .)  

So thanks to X-girl I get my shot in making awesome creators costumes using this game that works for nearly all my ladies both heroic and criminal. So I hope some of you who see this take the chance to try this with their Villainesses and Heroines.

Her character bio....

This chapter of the Black Talons I created and had featured in :iconjgalley0: Aventures of Wonderboy to show just how powerful the 9th Circle's Mercenary group can be when needed... 

Kyudai is the head of the Kunoichi clan that swore it loyalty to Angelique since Japan's Waring States Period and later the Wrath family since  and later for Marcela Rosa Sanchez her god daughter who's also known to Peril City's criminal underworld as The Teacher after her incident with the Mirror verse criminal mastermind Plunderboy (WonderBoy's Universe X's counterpart) and was added to her security detail after a second kidnapping.

She also trains Courtney Jenkins the girlfriend of Joey Elton (Wonderboy's civilian disguise) and Daughter of Detective Ralf ‘The Sledgehammer’ Jenkins of the Peril City Police department on Angelique's orders.   

When they're not killing someone with the deathmark issued by the Wrath family they serve as messengers, scouts and counter-surveillance teams of protection details for High Level transports and serve Elite officers for base security for numerous locations such...

  1. Umbra Towers building in Peril City.....
  2. Wrath Consolidated in New York
  3. Allure International in Paris, France.
  4. Dragnov Republic Embassies in numerous locations including New York, Angel Falls, Peril City, Washington DC.
  5. Numerous Black Talon Bases (Global locations) 
  6. Ose Towers in Angel Falls (Regent's base of operations)  

Both the Heroes and Villains of Angel Falls and Peril City have seen this Kunoichi clan in action and know to deal with them quickly before she call reinforcements.    

Inspirations for their creations...

  1. Marvel's Ninja group known as the Hand.
  2. The Foot Clan from Teenage Muntant Ninja Turtles.
  3.  Sith Assassins of Knights of the Old Republic II the Sith lords due to their stealth attacks. 

Credit to where credit is due 

:iconkmon13: and :iconjgalley0: jointly created this Kunochi assassin... 
Joey Elton/Wonderboy, Roey Elton/Plunderboy, Courtney Jenkins,  Detective Ralf ‘The Sledgehammer’ Jenkins, Marcela Rosa Sanchez /the Teacher are the property of :iconjgalley0: 

Angelique Wrath, 9th Circle, Black Talons  and their properties belong to :iconkmon13: 

Dragnov Republic is a joint creation of :iconknight3000: and :iconkmon13:

Newly added Ose Towers (Which a small summary for it will be written shortly...  Kmon13 2-15-17)


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Well folks I got tagged by :icondagame2578:  and :iconlordamon12:

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Here are :iconlordamon12:’s questions:

1. Coke or Pepsi?


2. What is your favorite movie monster?

Dracula ((I would say the brides but they the minor characters))

3. Blondes, Brunettes or Red heads?


4. What fictional crossover would you love to see?

Agent of Shield and Rosariao+ Vampire

5. Favorite dessert?


6. Do you prefer hot weather or cold weather?

Hot weather and I’m thinking Los Vegas

7. Favorite Manga/Anime?

8. Who has sexier ladies? DC or Marvel?

Hey they’re both hot but DC’s Powergirl who got my attention

9. What is your dream video game?

Tenchi Myuo GPX rpg

10. What's the better sea food? Lobster of Salmon?


11. Are you a PC gamer or a Console gamer?


12. Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter or Tekken?
Tekken due to the Williams sisters storyline

13. A Succubus or an Amazonian

If you’re talking about the Monster Girl Encyclopedia I’d say Succubus because while both are succubae due to the Demon Lord’s taint.  While both have their minds wits about them one will at least one give you the freedom to travel as a warrior and fight by your side if they were warriors or clerics in the past. While the Amazon (if born in their village) will only see a man as either property first and Househusband second.

Here are :icondagame2578: questions

1.Most overrated athlete in sports?

I couldn’t answer since I don’t follow it that much

2.BUY or SELL: DC Rebirth or Marvel's Civil War II
Buy: DC Rebirth

Sell: Marvel’s Civil War II


3.Worst story that you have read?
I’ve read a few

4.Favorite food
Baked Zitti

5.Favorite artist on DA
I have a few

6.Worst artist in comics
I haven’t read any lately to form that opinion

7.Chicken or Steak

8.One place that you haven't been 

9.Favorite secret eat joint in your city
Haven’t found one yet.

10.(Angel Falls related) Who would win a 1-on-1 between Countessa & Prodigy?
My money would be on Countessa due to expenses as a fighter plus she took on U1trawoman and walked away.

11.Worst movie that you have seen?

12. Your take on Lex Luthor as Superman?

Lex Luthor in away is a Superman because of his mind and how he uses it however his obsession with taking an alien down a peg ruins that he was able to do what the Kyptonian never could do….

Become president

13. One character that you would like to write

Already doing it with a few …

08/28/2016  Okay now that I'm well rested  here are my questions.

1. What is your favorite anime character and why?
2. Did you play City of Heroes before and if so do you miss it?
3. What is your favorite game on the PC or Console?
4. If you were living through a Horror movie what type of character would you see yourself?
5. For DA heroes Crossovers would you like to see an Anime team up or verse and with who?  
6. For Marvel Avenger Assemble or Hail Hydra and why? 
7. If you had woke up one morning and found out you had powers how would you use or Misuse them and why?  
8. If you woke up and found yourself in a world were Monsters were only female and the
Church seen you as their future tool would you try to find your way home or would you take a side. Which side would you take and why?" 
9. What is your favorite type of movie and why?
10. Pizza or Cheesesteak which is the better take out food to use with your hands? 
11. Which type of superhero do you see yourself and why?
12. Which type of Super-Villain do you see yourself and why?
13. Which type of Vigilante do you see yourself and why? 

1. :iconknight3000:
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