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Darrius Wrath using Hero Factory Animated by Kmon13
Mature content
Darrius Wrath using Hero Factory Animated :iconkmon13:Kmon13 4 10
Mature content
Web of Spider Vixen and Alpha Mom# special issue 1 :iconkmon13:Kmon13 3 4
Mature content
9th Circle: Death and Rebirth :iconkmon13:Kmon13 4 4
Mature content
AF 9th circle oneshot : Setting the Ground Rules :iconkmon13:Kmon13 3 8
Black Talon  neo-soldiers in powered armor by Kmon13
Mature content
Black Talon neo-soldiers in powered armor :iconkmon13:Kmon13 4 3
Dragnov Psi-Commando by Kmon13
Mature content
Dragnov Psi-Commando :iconkmon13:Kmon13 4 2
Dark Atlantian Psi-Commando (Variant Form ) by Kmon13
Mature content
Dark Atlantian Psi-Commando (Variant Form ) :iconkmon13:Kmon13 4 3
Mature content
The Veri Collective Planet Fall part 5 :iconkmon13:Kmon13 8 3
Dragnov soldier Commando (Post Kalindra's Rule ) by Kmon13 Dragnov soldier Commando (Post Kalindra's Rule ) :iconkmon13:Kmon13 10 6 Das Nacht Kinder, Eva's henchwomen by Kmon13
Mature content
Das Nacht Kinder, Eva's henchwomen :iconkmon13:Kmon13 4 8
Eva Von Klauzer by Kmon13
Mature content
Eva Von Klauzer :iconkmon13:Kmon13 5 8
War Cat by Kmon13
Mature content
War Cat :iconkmon13:Kmon13 17 15
Centennia by Kmon13 Centennia :iconkmon13:Kmon13 8 2 Emerald Valkyrie by Kmon13 Emerald Valkyrie :iconkmon13:Kmon13 5 4 Nexus Girl (Eros Symbiote ) by Kmon13 Nexus Girl (Eros Symbiote ) :iconkmon13:Kmon13 6 2
Mature content
Negotiating Contracts with Dark Star :iconkmon13:Kmon13 4 3


A n M by xscar10
Mature content
A n M :iconxscar10:xscar10 5 0
Tio's Lap by Marauder6272
Mature content
Tio's Lap :iconmarauder6272:Marauder6272 318 25
Ilasa by Lutherniel Ilasa :iconlutherniel:Lutherniel 138 8 female dark leather armor by Shattan female dark leather armor :iconshattan:Shattan 384 36 Injustice Sailor Moon.:Character Challenge:. by LeliaArtwork Injustice Sailor Moon.:Character Challenge:. :iconleliaartwork:LeliaArtwork 249 9 Ragnarok Online - Fennic by Moemichan Ragnarok Online - Fennic :iconmoemichan:Moemichan 290 117
Injustice Guest Fighter: The Hulk
Real Name: Bruce Banner
Gender: Male
Eyes: Green (Brown as Banner)
Hair: Green (Brown as Banner)
Debut: Incredible Hulk #1
Voice: Fred Tatasciore
His Marvel Cinematics look
Bruce Banner was just an ordinary scientist until an accident involving nuclear radiation came into contact with him. Bruce absorbed the gamma radiation and thus became a big green humanoid monster whenever he get angry. As the Hulk, he has incredible strength and durability.
*Super strength, speed, endurance, reflexes, and durability
*Disease immunity
*Adrenal activation
*Accelerated healing
*Resistence to mind control
*Sensing abilities
*Skilled hand-to-hand combat
*Ability to breath underwater
*Intro: Bruce Banner transforms into The Hulk. As The Hulk, he roars and says, "YOU NO LIKE IT WHEN HULK ANGRY!!!"
*Outro: The Hulk picks up his defeated opponent, piledrives
:iconsprite-genius:sprite-genius 53 13
Talia -- Thinking about you by dnxpunk Talia -- Thinking about you :icondnxpunk:dnxpunk 532 43 some infinite crisis stuff by nebezial some infinite crisis stuff :iconnebezial:nebezial 1,629 158
Angelic Confrentation
Issei Hyoudou, Rias Gremory, and Asia Argento were walking home from their meeting of the Occult Research Club on a warm evening. “Issei, I am very proud of you as of late. You have a very loyal customer on your hands.” Rias smiled.
“It’s nothing, really. The guy just likes to talk and fish.” Issei shrugged.
“Still, you’re improving and that’s amazing.” Asia smiled, hugging Issei.
“Issei Hyoudou!” a loud voice boomed. The three Devils turned to see a tall young man with short golden hair and bright green eyes. He was dressed in white robes lined with gold. Asia gasped.
“Roronoa, is that you?” she asked.
“Asia, do you know this guy?” Issei asked.
Asia nodded. “Roronoa is an Angel of Faith and one of Michael’s Knights. When I died, I met him in Heaven.”
Roronoa nodded. “That’s right. Asia’s time on Earth had drawn to a close. Michael was ready to allow her into Pa
:iconcelticsorcerer1:celticsorcerer1 1 3
Manga Girls: Kuoh Third Years by AlphaDeltaZeta Manga Girls: Kuoh Third Years :iconalphadeltazeta:AlphaDeltaZeta 22 8
The Lightning Swordsman - Episode 2
Episode 2 - The Mishima Zaibatsu
Rias walked out of the chamber with Dante and the others following behind her.
Dante glanced around the area, "Hmmm, it seems like they have not noticed us yet...
Trish noticed security camera looking straight at them until she took one of her handguns out and fired straight at it, which destroyed it with ease, "Now they know we are here,"
Dante groaned, "Oh well, looks like the stealth part of the plan is thrown out of the window..."
Rias walked pass him, "Lets go find where they are keeping Raiken-san..."
"Yes, madam," Akeno smiled, "I do miss him,"
Koneko sighed, "I have not even been told who this Raiken is..."
"Uh yeah, we can explain who is later..." Issei followed after them.
Koneko shrugged and followed after them, "Lets go, pervert-senpai..."
Issei sweats.
Dante shrugged and followed after them, "Ah okay,"
Trish sighed and followed after him, "You still didn't answer my question..."
Alarms begun to go off within the area as red lights fl
:icontheslasherchaos:TheSlasherChaos 5 26
Saint and Sinner
Asia Argento lightly placed her hand on the tear-stricken face of her friend, Issei Hyoudou. “I’m sorry…. We didn’t have more time. Goodbye.” Asia slipped away.
“Asia Argento…” Asia opened her eyes. She was laying in the middle of a street paved in gold. She was curled up at the feet of a tall youthful-looking man with short golden hair and bright green eyes that mirrored her own. He was dressed in white priestly robes lined in gold. A golden halo rested atop his head and majestic white wings.
“Who are you?”  Asia asked fearfully as she stood. Looking down, she realized she was still wearing that skimpy white dress that the damned Fallen Angels stuck her in. She blushed as she tried to cover herself up.
The young man smiled. “There is no need to be modest, child. I am Roronoa, Knight of Spades and an Angel of Faith. Despite some recent mistakes, your heart is good.”
“Recent mistakes?” Asia asked
:iconcelticsorcerer1:celticsorcerer1 2 5
Mature content
Hurry Up And Be Mine (Yandere!Rias x M!Reader) :icontaga-kun:Taga-kun 62 8
Laura Tidwell by Dragonprince18 Laura Tidwell :icondragonprince18:Dragonprince18 7 4
High school DxD: Years later pt.1
High school DxD: Years later
:iconoutsidestorywriter:Outsidestorywriter 9 3

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Darrius Wrath using Hero Factory Animated
I wanted to use Heromaker just to make one version of Darrius Wrath when he's ready for war...

I made this using… again and figured I'd try giving her a few alternates of my own in the DC Animated style of things. 

Darrius Wrath belongs to me... :iconkmon13:


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Keith Montague
Artist | Student | Other
United States
I'm an art student who currently is attending Community college....

Well folks I got tagged by :icondagame2578:  and :iconlordamon12:

1. You have to post ALL the rules (why?!)
2. Each person has to share 13 things about themselves 
3. Answer 13 questions asked to you, and invent 13 questions for tagged people to answer 
4. Choose 13 people 
5. You legitimately have to tag 13 people 
6. You CAN'T say you don't do tags 
7. Tag-backs ARE ALLOWED 
8. YOU MUST DO THE JOURNAL ENTRY! NO COMMENTS! Unless you're talking -ABOUT the Journal Entry 
9. You have to finish within a week. If you don't finish in time, you have to do whatever the creator asks 
10. Be creative with the title. You can't mention you got tagged in the title, but can in the Journal/Journal description



Here are :iconlordamon12:’s questions:

1. Coke or Pepsi?


2. What is your favorite movie monster?

Dracula ((I would say the brides but they the minor characters))

3. Blondes, Brunettes or Red heads?


4. What fictional crossover would you love to see?

Agent of Shield and Rosariao+ Vampire

5. Favorite dessert?


6. Do you prefer hot weather or cold weather?

Hot weather and I’m thinking Los Vegas

7. Favorite Manga/Anime?

8. Who has sexier ladies? DC or Marvel?

Hey they’re both hot but DC’s Powergirl who got my attention

9. What is your dream video game?

Tenchi Myuo GPX rpg

10. What's the better sea food? Lobster of Salmon?


11. Are you a PC gamer or a Console gamer?


12. Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter or Tekken?
Tekken due to the Williams sisters storyline

13. A Succubus or an Amazonian

If you’re talking about the Monster Girl Encyclopedia I’d say Succubus because while both are succubae due to the Demon Lord’s taint.  While both have their minds wits about them one will at least one give you the freedom to travel as a warrior and fight by your side if they were warriors or clerics in the past. While the Amazon (if born in their village) will only see a man as either property first and Househusband second.

Here are :icondagame2578: questions

1.Most overrated athlete in sports?

I couldn’t answer since I don’t follow it that much

2.BUY or SELL: DC Rebirth or Marvel's Civil War II
Buy: DC Rebirth

Sell: Marvel’s Civil War II


3.Worst story that you have read?
I’ve read a few

4.Favorite food
Baked Zitti

5.Favorite artist on DA
I have a few

6.Worst artist in comics
I haven’t read any lately to form that opinion

7.Chicken or Steak

8.One place that you haven't been 

9.Favorite secret eat joint in your city
Haven’t found one yet.

10.(Angel Falls related) Who would win a 1-on-1 between Countessa & Prodigy?
My money would be on Countessa due to expenses as a fighter plus she took on U1trawoman and walked away.

11.Worst movie that you have seen?

12. Your take on Lex Luthor as Superman?

Lex Luthor in away is a Superman because of his mind and how he uses it however his obsession with taking an alien down a peg ruins that he was able to do what the Kyptonian never could do….

Become president

13. One character that you would like to write

Already doing it with a few …

08/28/2016  Okay now that I'm well rested  here are my questions.

1. What is your favorite anime character and why?
2. Did you play City of Heroes before and if so do you miss it?
3. What is your favorite game on the PC or Console?
4. If you were living through a Horror movie what type of character would you see yourself?
5. For DA heroes Crossovers would you like to see an Anime team up or verse and with who?  
6. For Marvel Avenger Assemble or Hail Hydra and why? 
7. If you had woke up one morning and found out you had powers how would you use or Misuse them and why?  
8. If you woke up and found yourself in a world were Monsters were only female and the
Church seen you as their future tool would you try to find your way home or would you take a side. Which side would you take and why?" 
9. What is your favorite type of movie and why?
10. Pizza or Cheesesteak which is the better take out food to use with your hands? 
11. Which type of superhero do you see yourself and why?
12. Which type of Super-Villain do you see yourself and why?
13. Which type of Vigilante do you see yourself and why? 

1. :iconknight3000:
2. :iconjgalley0:
3. :iconsoviet-superwoman:
4. :iconfolgore2010:
5. :iconlonestranger:
6. :icondjmatt2:
7. :iconkenfusion45:
8. :iconteri-minx:
9. :iconthecosmicbeholder:
10. :iconcyberkitten01:
11. :iconburstlion:
12. :iconkallsu:
13. :iconthe-mighty-spectra:

  • Listening to: Tsunami Bomb Invasion From within
  • Reading: Attack on Titan Series
  • Watching: Power (Encore)
  • Playing: Naruto Online RPG (Facebook)
  • Eating: Fried Chichen Breast, Salad with a side of fries
  • Drinking: Spring Water



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I'm also looking forward to seeing her gear in action too.
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