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Earth, Eastern Europe

Dragnov, Presidential Palace


Kevin Wrath the newly made Queen’s regent consort of Dragnov was in the private study that once belonged to General Faraj trying to calm himself down while Kalindra was conducting an interview with CNN who got a surprise guest in the form of one of the president elect supporter asking him questions on his loyalty to the United States by marrying Kalindra and would have used a death spell on live television if it wasn’t for his wife speaking into his mind telling him to cool off by acting insulted and appalled from the question when he was rearranged.

 He also made not to avoid the White House and the New President when visiting the United State for her goodwill tour with her first stop being Angel Falls to rub the news in Emily Kendra’s face at their wedding which he looked forward to since Diplomats crashing a wedding of two superheroes creates good media coverage for Kalindra before she speaks in New York at the United Nations but also to urge  the young metahumans and mutants on that list unaccounted for after Faraj usurped the throne from the former Queen it safe to return home.

He would also be checking up on the special project assigned to Albert Franco about his deal with this Annika Velt who had fled from Dragnov as a member of it Metahuman royal guard wanted to return home after Faraj’s fall but the only condition would be that He and his wife meet with this Leader she heard so much about.

Something his parents and council would normally object to and order Velt's execution after hearing about her current affiliations.

It was also why his lovely wife had told him to look around the study of the former country’s despot see if anything was missed by the investigation unit they assigned after finding Frenzy prison knowing he would find what they wouldn’t.

She also asked him for help on Sudoku too…  

While he was still furious over the fact his wedding along with his existence due to his mother’s hobby of corrupting heroines he didn’t like the fact that he and Kalindra had been removed from their universe by an Omni-being of untold power and placed in the various multiverses for a short time before jetting off to another universe to past the time.

When they returned home at the spot they were taken both he and Kalindra had to deal with their heads being bombarded with memories of a third younger brother due to his father's infidelity involving … Mighty Mom’s twin sister?

He didn’t remember Peril city's Motherly heroine of might having a twin sister but the fact she was at their wedding along with Quinn was the best man instead of Ian in the original timeline decided to decline the offer in this timeline saddened him.

But what angered him was his mother’s blatant disregard for others in her pursuits to gain the souls of corrupted heroes especially heroines hard target types with pure hearts like Mighty Mom and those with deity bloodlines like Ms. Blitzen being that she the granddaughter of Poseidon.

However, he decided to play his new found bargaining chip quickly to secure the Black Queen’s seat for Kalindra from his mother who didn’t put up a fuss after his threat of not letting her or his father near their grandchildren even mentioning that they would allow Emily Kendra to be the godmother along with Pamela as a warning.

While the gamble worked in their favor Kalindra made him promise never to go so far again unless she was aware of it.

It was a fair deal in his case but it also meant she would need to appoint someone beside Frenzy to watch over her illegal operations in angel falls due to their fun with their new super-soldiers against Dynamic Five and Kalindra's twins nieces who should have never gotten into the battle in the first place. 

However what he found in the library of the former general was something he never suspected to find so soon without Bloodlasher’s assistance who currently was working on the usurper in the dungeons as he was reading what he knew was Venom’s Black Book on their finances, names of people not found yet by Regina Ayasi's incarnation of U.N. Overwatch or Destiny carter’s H.U.S.H. organizations.

He was almost tempted to call Crystal from the dungeons and tell her to take some time away from tormenting the good general for his crimes before being shipped off to the Hague for his various War Crimes, but he changed his mind about it. Besides he didn't want to deprive either her or Whisper from having such fun together nor did he want to deny Frenzy her private time with him after her awaking since she thanked the man for the kindness he and venom had in retrieving her prison from Atlantis in her own way...

By eating one of his limbs before allowing young Whisper it allow it to regenerate. 

Those pleasant memories of suffering were interrupted when Kalindra entered the room letting him know the interview was over.

“Kevin dearest I'm so glad I found you because we may have to call our vacation short due to company affairs.” She said before looking to the book he was holding “Oh what that beloved?”

“Oh this is just General Faraj’s Black List for Venom it seemed he didn’t trust Cobra Queen or her Court to keep to their end of the deal about supporting him so he created a listing of all operatives that would be harder to find along with those Overwatch, HUSH and the World Governments sponsored heroes teams couldn’t find or touch now tell me why you rushed in here?”

Well I just gotten a call from Mina who decided to leave her room to check on Albert who was smuggling Blood Diamonds for securing those Alien artifacts a certain group of explorers stumbled upon and ended up being attacked by one of one of American Maiden’s old comrades.”

“Which one she my mother told me she had many including her close friend Destiny Carter being among them?”  

“It was Lionheart who softened him up and from what the Telepath members of the surveillance team discovered from touching Franco's skin was that wounds made by magic weapons or things used by magical beings like you and your mother in general can harm Albert which left him open to being poisoned.” She said before showing the image of the second attacker.

Hearing this Kevin could only say the following words on his mind...

“Fuck, I know Carla out for blood for Bezia's death and looking out for Pamela safety while she grieving, but to blindly attack a member of the nine and kill them is something I cant overlook, Hell if the council members find out and question why I didn't have her brought in brought or question Franco further about his ties that could cause problems for us." He said with a heavy sigh before looking at the image of Carla as Black Lotus on the video images as she poisoned Franco as he said "Be as it may this is goes against the founding rules of Iron and she crossed a line she shouldn’t have never been crossed.” He said before taking a deep breath before knowing what had to be done before asking Kalindra the following questions.  “Before I give the order of my duty as Lord Regent does Pamela or Albert's daughter Susanna know of what happend yet?”

“No, but I sent Red Widow to inform Pamela about what her mother has done and asked that she turn herself in before our board demands drastic measures I’ve also sent Mina to stay in Peril city inform Susanna but in the meantime Franco’s body is being brought to Dragnov by your brother Quinn and Vivian as we speak by via Hellgate.”

“Even now at a moment like this Quinn's resourcefulness never ceases to amaze me I think we should make him the 9th Circle’s Sorcerer Supreme on his birthday?”  

“Kevin both he and his mother likes dropping by the palace for breakfast for your cooking their favorites foods alone would be thanks enough but for now maybe we should hold off until Harriet, Crowley and your father finishes his training.”

“Wow I almost forgotten how dad became different man after the change in the timeline and it make me kinda almost jealous about his current training of Quinn at the academy.”

“True my love but you really have no need to be Jealous of anyone being that you’re married to me and lets not forget about your title as my Royal adviser or has it started grow boring to you?” Kalindra teased knowing her husband words.

“Hey I remembered saying the words almost Kalindra almost… besides I love the benefits that come with the job both on and off the clock.” He said before asking “By the way when they contacted you about this my little brother to have Vivian put Franco’s body in the courtyard or the dungeons since the last place we need him is resurrect is on your royal carpets.” 

"Opps I guess we'll just have to make Franco pay the cleaning bills when he's brought back from the dead beloved." She said before the pair watched as a hellgate opened as Quinn entered the room with Vivian carried  Franco’s body in a medical pod which gave both the Queen of Dragnov and her Husband some relief.

“Hey you too I figured you'd want this guy brought back here on ice so I had your medical unit put him in a Cryogenic stasis pod before bringing him over to get resurrected.”

“Yeah boss Quinn here wouldn’t let me leave until Franco was in a medical pod and explained why too.” Vivian said before asking “So where do you want me to put this bloody Italian stiff?”

Both Kalindra and Kevin just looked at each other before saying in unison “Put him in the Courtyard will conduct the ritual there.”


An hour later Kevin in his regent’s armor and Kalindra in her Ceremonial robes to Eris walked over to a stone slab where Albert Franco’s body was placed before Kevin summoned hellfire into his hands and threw it at the body consuming Albert's body in Black and purple flame as a Hellgate to opened with Albert returning as he was falling from the rip in dimensions naked and covered in scrapes and bruises before looking at the person responsible

 “Hey aside form making that hellgate at ground level next time could you two speed up resurrecting me quicker you know.” Albert said looking at the pair “I was being chased by hellhounds when I arrived, Didn’t my wedding gifts mean anything too you?”

“Oh yeah what did you give us again?” Kalindra asked just to piss him off “Oh yes that nice Xbox One was a good gift and the Japanese Urn holding the spirit of that Samurai who served as mother during her wandering days we wanted to resurrect into back into our service was a good gift too, but the people you assigned also missed out on recovering those cursed swords only she could use.” She said before asking “Now enough whining tell us why did Carla and her Lionhearted friend decide attack you?”

“Of course but can I get some clothing first?”

Kalindra looked to Kevin who used his magic to give him some black robes before saying.

“There you got clothing now start talking Albert or I may decided instead of returning you back to hell to resume being chased by hellhounds and their masters for torture sessions we could just drop you off at the Castle city which you may have seen when you arrived it belongs my grandmother but you may know her as Lilith you know the mother of Demons and first wife of Adam and First Succubus she’s been looking for a new boy-toy to mutil…I mean play with would you like to meet her?”

Albert not wanting to know who sadistic Angelique's mother could be and started talking before he passed out.

When Kalindra checked him out and she noticed Albert's skin start to grow pale as his wounds started bleeding again before Keving saw the cause in the ashes of corpse thought he destroyed. 

It was then they noticed I piece of Franco's flesh not burned with a Celtic rune mark on it.

"Damn it if it not The Guardians fucking with my plans it the grey guard and it looks like one of them got to Franco's body first and marked it with a Celtic version of last rites a fuck you for necromancers who try to bring him back like me and if I don't save his brain it will start decomposing too along with his soul fast" 

"Normally I would tell you to let him die my love but I know it would wound your mother's pride along with yours being able to do nothing, so Is there something you can do to stop it my love?" Kalindra asked hoping she could help.

"No but I can do something else that can be done." he said before teleporting themselves into Doctor Redel's Lab in Dragnov and placed Franco's body on a medical table "Sorry to interrupt your research into that special project Cordi but I need you to get a team prepped for surgery we have a Celtic Druid's last rites curse on this servant and we need to save the brain and placed into stasis pod now." 

"Of course sire at once!" Hispanic doctor of 9th circle's biotech division said as she called a code blue to her staff who wasted no time helping the good doctor getting started.



9th circle Facility, Helix Labs 
Cloning lab 07
(three weeks after the funeral of Bezia Parks and General Rez)

Dr. Cordi Redeel was in her lab giggling wild with glee for three weeks since the order was given by Lord Regent to give Albert Franco powers an upgrade with the experimental serum of the patriot star program. While it did work very well the side effects were minor to her as it kept turning some of the best trained male soldiers of 9th circle who volunteered into women with not only the same powers as Patriot Star but also one random power effects due to the added elements of the new Janus drug that was added into mixture of the new Patriot Star Serum.

The other thing she was happy about was how she would get a bonus in her paycheck from both Francine Rosa and Mina Dochev if she recorded the reactions of her new lab rat in his new body. 

Even more so from Angelique if she was the first to get her copy. 

So with the tapping of a few buttons on a keyboard she woke up the newly reborn servant of 9th circle who would pay for his humility for treating women as sex object by suffering the irony of becoming one himself.

Albert Franco woke up in a familar red liquid letting him know he was now in one of the many the Lazarus wing devoted to resurrecting soldiers of 9th circle meaning he would be Dr. Redeel's eye-candy again. 

While she was hot looking despite being a mousy professor type she was a sadist and exhibitionist who loved teasing men as much as he loved bedding them.

As the liquid drained from the tank he found himself falling to the ground as the door opened automaticly fell out from the fatigue of bring unable to use his body. 

While he was getting up he noticed a few things about himself... He was now a bit little shorter which he didn't mind guessing he was in a younger kid's body.

However he also noticed it was now a bit heaver in the chest area getting up before he looked looking into the reflection of himself in the liquid on the floor. 

What he saw in the place of Albert Franco Jr was that of the hot sexy Italian beauty that he was looking at was a cross between his daughter skin and mighty mom body and streaks of red in raven hair type before realizing who it was after he looked at his chest to see Double D cup and touched them moaning at the sensitivity. 

Then he felt below the belt to see it he was dreaming only to moan again in a voice that was not his own. 

He then looked up to see Dr. Redeel smirking at him with a Iphone recording the entire thing before screaming in a voice that was not his own that would have been heard throughout Dragnov ....

After an hour of forcing him to put on a Dragnov military officers female uniform the late Albert Franco was standing in front of Kalindra and Kevin at the royal palace with Mina taking snapshots on her Iphone to share with at Dark Academy 

"Lord Regent Lady Kalindra did I do something to offend you I know I told you everything Lionheart and Carla Parks did to me!" He said in a womans voice 

Yes you did however did you keep up with your training with Lucy Xue when we asked you take over the 9th Circle operations in Peril City... 

Albert remained quiet... remembering what happend last time he spoke to a member of the nine when they lectured him

"Oh so my mother did teach you something." Kevin said before continuing "Did you hit on Mighty mom get stabbed by King Rez instead of establishing yourself as a rich boy playing hero and getting noticed by the peril protectors or Angel Falls guardians or contact us to deal with your daughter snooping in a non lethal way to keep your said identity secret..." 

He still remained quiet before Mina spoke

"Okay lets get you with a better question did you have dreams about fucking My sister in law in your apartment sharing your true feelings with her about who you fear?" She said before Kalindra added "Oh and Albert you'll answer a royal command."

"Yeah and you better answer truthfully because I considered you a friend not a fuck buddy Albert and while dreams are just that you should remember your place in the organization." Mina added. 

"Yes Mina you're right I did have feeling for you and still do have them." he said before looking to Kalindra "My queen I understand this is a punishment and all but do I have to look like a pornstar?"

"No but it will go well with what you'll be wearing as Dragnov new Maiden of might and the opportunity it will create when you return to Peril city." 

"What opportunity I'm a walking sex toy!" the newly named neo-girl asked.  

"Congratulations Alberta Franco you've just be drafted as our Amazon representative of Dragnov after taking two hair samples form two amazons one blood sample from Mina here and a hair Francine volunteered as well however I'll leave it to your own imagination on where it came later but afterward your body has the power of three powered beings and one knight of hell which I will teach you to use when we think you're ready." Kevin told the newly revived Franco "However in the meantime Kalindra decided you needed a new training partner since she become busy being the queen of both 9th circle and Dragnov plus my paperwork has left me busy as well so we decided to call in some favors." 

It was then Francine Rosa Franco entered the room with her new servant Ashley Throne by her side who both looked as if they just went shopping in Paris from the bags they carried with them. as the approached the throne both bowed before Kevin and Kalindra in respect before walking over to Alberta to introducing themselves . 

"Alberta dear it so nice to... so nice to .... hahahah " she tried to say before laughing with glee as Alberta looked away. "Sorry Aly dear I just got finished reading the script designed for your cover on the way here about you being the Alberta Talzo, Girlfriend of the late Albert Franco Jr just now, but after seeing you in the flesh looking like the slutty trash that you use to bring into the pool house or your office is just priceless.

Alberta Franco twitched in anger as she used her heat vision to blast his Ex-wife to ash her only to see after it was done it didn't effect Francine's body at all as it only ruined her designer dress. 

In fact aside from Alberta now looked at his Ex's now naked form she started to grow into an armored demonic form that reminded him of Regent's before being grabbed and slapped a few time before hearing... 

"Oh Alberta you been a naughty little Sexkitten who needs to be properly spanked but I need a private room so we won't have any interruptions." she asked with a lusty purr.

Mina just smirked before saying "Hey Francine you you could use my room to get better antiquated and in my closet there are some toys in a black foot locker you could use to have fun taking that blood cherry of hers while you re at it!" She said looking to Alberta with an evil smile.

It was then Alberta paled as she was carried off by his...her now laughing former ex wife who was now revealed as a knight of hell and was going to be alone in a room with her.

Alberta Franco, Wonderboy, and Francine Franco, Quinn Vazia-Wrath, Venom, Ashley Throne are all owned by :iconjgalley0:  

Wilhelmina "Mina" Dochev, Lord Regent/Kevin Wrath, Dr. Cordi Reedel, Vivian Bennett, Regina Ayasi, Overwatch, 9th circle, and Annika Velt are owned by :iconkmon13:

Kalindra D'Kahn owned by:iconknight3000:

After certain events from Mighty Mom #3 Albert learns after his resurrection sometimes life can be a total bitch especially when Mina is involved in his rebirth.
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