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Honolulu, Hawaii
Thoth Medical Facility, Private Wing
Albert Franco's room

Albert Franco awoke to seeing Kevin Wrath's adopted sister and holder of the Black Knight's title in the 9th circle sleeping in a chair at his bedside still wearing the clothing he figured ended up bloody after she wore when she came to his rescue. As he was getting up from the bed he still felt sore as hell due to having Alien cockblocker's sword in his gut just when he was about to get finally get what he wanted from Mighty Mom ... No Lillian Addams.

As he was heading to the bathroom to take care of his needs he made a note to ask the hospital staff about what happened with that sword and ask for it back before approaching Kevin with it to learn how to properly reforge and use a sword. Because Albert wanted to use to use it on the bastard that attempted to gut him. However instead of gutting him he was going to behead this guy and mount his head on his wall in his private study next to the Lion he hunted in Africa in his old body.

However before he even got close to the bathroom he heard a girl moan and yawn behind him before turning to see that it was Mina who's clothing was still covered in his blood was just waking up from her slumber.

"So you're finally awake Albert." said Mina before getting up out of the chair to look him over before saying "Well you've been asleep for a few days now but go take care of you needs because we really need to talk."


On the Balcony Mina explained what transpired while he was out...

"... And after getting the last of those small fragments out of your wound Dr. Redeel had to irradiated your body with concentrated solar energy which kicked in your healing abilites to close up your wounds." Mina explained "However you may want to get back in bed and rest up because Mom was informed and from what I know she's royally pissed at you for revealing yourself to Sailor girl and for later revealing yourself to Mighty Mom all because you wanted a piece of ass!"

"Mina I owe you a debt of thanks, but when you say thing like that out of your pretty mouth it make it sound dirty." 

"Fuck you Franco! By the way you need to get back in bed before mom finds out you're awake I hear she wants to read you the riot act I think Kevin and Kalindra want to do the same after they get the new girl settled."  

"Why do I hear a sense of worry and concern for me in your voice little Mina?"  Albert teased 

"Don't get use to it Franco or I may consider speed dialing mom to watch the show." She teased holding up her Iphone only for them both to hear the laughter of the very woman in question before a portal appeared and the succubus queen herself stepped out of it from what Albert could see  it looked like she was connected to her offices in Wrath Consolidated in Angel Falls. He also noticed that she was carrying two bags.   

"Don't bother teasing him Mina the nurse told me about him being up earlier." Angelique said before looking to her with a smile before handing her one of the bags  "Now Mina why don't you be a dear and go inside and freshen up please while a certain vampire queen swears by those blood baths of hers being are good for the skin you don really need them just yet." she said in a warm but neutral voice that told both Albert and Mina she was still pissed off.

"Yes of course mommy right away." the white wearing ginger said before running into the bathroom.

Now Albert was left alone with Angelique Wrath who looked very upset who now sat in Mina's chair before eating a piece of turkey bacon before taking a deep breath to speak. 

"Now Albert I hope you know how dreadfully troublesome your recent actions with Mighty Mom has upset me after I heard about them but lets be honest with ourselves it's exactly how Venom made an asset out of you the first time however unlike them the 9th circle is quite different in fact we restored your youth, and gave you powers we hoped would allow you to infiltrate the Protectors or the new Incarnation of the UN Overwatch but did you play along with that plan... Fuck no! you had to let your ego and dick be your undoing so we let thing play out to see how far you would go and your actions disappointed me greatly." Angelique said as Albert quickly noticed the weather in Honolulu reacting to her mood of the Succubus Queen as she spoke. "You revealed yourself your daughter who you could have called to have mind wiped and let her go to Mighty Mom who I'll admit almost became putty in your hands due to that pink metronite but you were out in the open and made yourself a fucking target for Venom's missing founder and king before my people in Morgan Tech could copy the data for project Ruby-Heart to mass produce into combat cyborgs to deal with him and those like him should he get his codex back!" She said before Albert found out he was trapped in the chair due to Angelique's shadow trapping him in his as it held him down before sitting on his lap and straddling him.

"Now this would be the moment a foolish young succubus would have fucked you to death and drag your soul to hell to be feasted upon by lesser demons for all eternity.However luck favors in your benefit so be grateful I believe in the creed of being one who doesn't waste time teaching dead men. So would mind telling me how do we could fix this problem of yours before it becomes beyond your understanding and control... hmm?" she said while tendrils of shadow rose from beneath his own shadow and entered his robes and was licking at his flesh.  

"Well I did offer your husband a solution that would help keep me in line." Albert said before feeling the tendrils dig into his skin before she stopped and smiled as she looked at him annoyed.  

"Oh you mean about the idea of resurrecting your wife Francine well normally I would have told you no, but after what just occurred to get you in that bed I'm starting to reconsider the idea since bringing her back could bring your daughter in line too but lets be honest we should have expected you to fuck up somewhere." she said before getting up and walking over to him to and sitting on his lap. "So I'm going to grant your wish, However if you even think about getting into Mighty Mom's skirt again it won't be me or your daughter who will punish you for your stupidity it will be your wife job and trust me I'll make it stick." She said with a smile that promised pain "Now that we've dealt with that ugly business we still need to conclude this talk with giving you a first hand reminder not to think with your little Albert on matter that require discretion and sound judgement." she said before putting a rune on his neck before saying in Demonic language "<Rune of Pain>

In the Thoth Facility's hallways and in the bathroom where Mina currently taking a shower, and perhaps by those with super human hearing the sounds of Albert Franco's inhuman screams could be heard before she made a note to call Lucy later to inform her of the situation about Franco's thinking with his dick again.


Back in the hospital room

Angelique carried Albert from the balcony and placed him back on his bed before he whispered something in his ear...

"Now Albert I hope we have an understanding about how you actions affect the organization, so no more independent actions without the approval from myself or a board member are we clear about that my little black rook." Angelique warned

"Yes...L... Lady Angelique.. I'll obey... no thinking with my dick anymore and I'll follow the Rule of Iron" He said with a pained labored voice.   

"Good and in the future try please try to be a little more discreet about who you chose as your play dates."

"Don... Don't worry I'll leave Mighty Mom alone."

"Oh no dear we already cleared that up I'm talking about Mina I know she fancy's you for a little one night stand keep but keep in mind that Kevin and Kalindra may decide to rip off what defines you as a man if your break her heart...consider yourself warned" she said before opening a portal leading back to her office and walked through it. 

He was happy that she was gone and would hope that Kalindra and Kevin wouldn't visit him here.

He spoke too soon because as soon as he thought about those two showing up both Kevin Wrath and Kalindra D'kahn stepped into the room and the look on the Dragnov Queen's face told him she wanted to repeat the process of putting him though boot camp again... badly! 

The look on Kevin's face however just told him he would be looking forward to saying the words "I told you so!" when Kalindra was done.

At least the smell of beef wellington he knew Keven made told him he would at least have a good last meal before Kalindra begin showing him hell again.  

A/N: Moral of this story Angelique will tolerate a person's arrogance and incompetence to a point but she also knows that a lesson need to be learned when one is alive so Albert got off light

However with Kalindra and Kevin not so much...  

Credit where credit is due 

Angelique Wrath, Dr Cordi Redeel, Keven Wrath/Regent, Mina Dochev the White Princess, Belong to :iconkmon13:

Kalindra D'kahn /Dark Blitzen Belongs to :iconknight3000:

Francine Rosa Franco ,Albert Franco, Zezia  Lorraine Adams /Alpha Mom masquerading as Mighty Mom, Susanna Franco/ Sailor Girl, King Rez, and Venom belongs to :iconjgalley0:  
After Albert Franco's ations with Venom's hidden King Rez in :iconjgalley0:'s  Mighty Mom and Alpha Girl # 45 Sex Lies and Metronite  
Angelique decides to teach the new subordinate withing the organization how long she tolerate someone's incompetence . 
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BelRhaza4017 Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Ouch, toasted bad guy..... that will leave a mark come morning :shocked: :onfire:
JGalley0 Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2017
You should what happened to him later...
BelRhaza4017 Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Probably looked like something that would make you hurl big time, if I had to hazard a guess, my friend :sick:
Kmon13 Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2017  Student Artist
Depends on how you look at things...

Aside from that Angelique let him off light because she knew Kalindra and Kevin wanted their pound of flesh... and they got it too. 
BelRhaza4017 Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Fresh hamburger by the pound, coming up! :D
Knight3000 Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Albert will learn not to cross Kalindra
Kmon13 Featured By Owner Edited Mar 10, 2017  Student Artist
Or mess with her sister in law Mina without her or Kevin's approval...
Knight3000 Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yes Kalindra is merciless
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